Automatic bottling system into cartons

Automatic bottling system into cartons

Automatic bottling system into cartons is a multi-stage integrated production line, designed to pack liquid bottles or other products into cartons automatically

About the automatic bottling system to cartons

The system includes various machines such as bottle feeder, bottle stacker, carton capping machine, conveyor, automatic control system.

It operates on the principle of automation of the production process, using sensors, robots and programming software to control the entire process. Capable of handling large quantities of liquid bottles/products in a short time.


  • Increase productivity and production efficiency, save labor
  • Reduce errors caused by human factors, improve packaging quality
  • Ability to monitor and control the entire process to ensure standards
  • Flexibility to change the size or number of bottles per carton

Automatic bottling systems are commonly used in soft drinks, beer, wine, edible oil and many other consumer goods bottling plants to meet the needs of bulk packaging with high productivity and quality.

Control and coordinate the entire process continuously
Control and coordinate the entire process continuously

Structure and working principle of automatic bottling system into cartons

The main components of automatic bottling system into cartons

  • Bottle feeding system: Including bottle sorting machine, bottle feeding conveyor into the system
  • Bottle stacking machine: Usually a robot or automatic crane, stacks bottles in a certain order
  • Carton Folding Machine: Forming cartons from flat stacks to be ready for bottling
  • Conveyor system: Transporting bottles, cartons between stages.
  • Barrel capping and sealing machine: Cover the barrel lid and seal it with adhesive tape or glue
  • Automatic control system: PLC, SCADA control the whole working process.
  • Sensors: Detecting the location of bottles, cartons, counting quantities…

Working process of automatic bottling system into cartons

Step 1: Bottles are fed into the system from the sorting machine and conveyor.

Step 2: The folding machine prepares the carton for bottling.

Step 3: The robot or crane automatically loads the bottles into cartons according to the required order and quantity.

Step 4: The carton with bottles is conveyed to the capping machine by conveyor.

Step 5: The capping machine seals the carton tightly with adhesive tape or glue.

Step 6: Fully packed cartons are transported to the assembly area to prepare for shipment.

Advantages of automatic bottling system into cartons

Automatically stacks bottles into cartons in a certain form
Automatically stacks bottles into cartons in a certain form

Increased productivity and production efficiency

  • The ability to handle large quantities of bottles in a time is many times shorter than manual labor
  • Continuous operation 24/7 without being limited by human shifts
  • Minimize machine downtime and increase equipment efficiency
  • Ensure uniform and stable packaging speed throughout the production process

Automatic bottling system into cartons reduces errors and loss rates

  • The system automatically eliminates errors caused by human factors such as packaging in the wrong place and quantity.
  • Strictly control the size, quantity of bottles and cartons
  • Minimize the risk of damaging the bottle or the product inside
  • Saving packaging materials such as cartons, adhesive tapes

Improve the quality of product packaging and preservation

  • Ensure aesthetics and uniformity in bottle stacking and cartoning
  • Discreet sealing ability, firmly protect the product better
  • Reduce the risk of bottles being scratched and damaged during the packaging process
  • Maintain better product quality during storage and transportation

Automatic bottling system into cartons saves labor costs and optimizes resources

  • Significantly reduces the need for labor for the bottling process
  • Save factory space with a neat and reasonable design system
  • Minimize related costs such as power, maintenance, repair
  • Optimize the use of raw materials such as bottles and cartons
  • It does not depend on the health and psychological status of employees.

Application of Automatic Bottling System to Carton in Industries

Beverage manufacturing and packaging industry

  • Carbonated/non-carbonated soft drinks: PET bottles, aluminum cans in cartons according to different rations
  • Juices, juices: Glass bottles, plastic bottles with various capacities
  • Beer: Packing aluminum cans, glass bottles into cartons according to the number of market segments
  • Milk, nutritious water: Paper cans, plastic bottles for better preservation

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

  • Oral liquid medicines: Plastic bottles, glass jars with many different specifications
  • Mouthwash, physiological saline: Plastic bottles are returned to bins according to storage requirements
  • Liquid cosmetics: Glass bottled perfume, plastic bottled shampoo/shower gel
  • Beauty chemicals: Makeup remover alcohol, bottled exfoliating solution

Other Industries

  • Liquid industrial chemicals: Acids, chemical solvents packed into plastic bottles/cans
  • Paints and varnishes: Bottles/cans of paints and varnishes of many brands are bottled in boxes according to standards
  • Livestock/agriculture: Liquid animal feed, canned liquid fertilizer/plastic bottles
  • Industrial maintenance: Lubricants, lubricants in bottles/cans to bins according to standards

System requirements include:

  • High packaging speed suitable for large output
  • Hygiene and high accuracy for pharmaceutical and food products
  • Ability to pack a variety of bottles/cans
  • Seal well for good product preservation
  • Flexible configuration for a variety of packaging specifications
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations on environment and safety
Increased flexibility to adapt to a wide range of carton and bottle sizes
Increased flexibility to adapt to a wide range of carton and bottle sizes

Requirements and standards of automatic bottling systems into cartons

The automatic bottling system needs to meet some of the following strict requirements and standards:

Ensure safety and hygiene in the packaging process

  • Compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Material design does not cause contamination or reaction to the product
  • Automatic cleaning and disinfection system to remove all impurities
  • Prevent the ingress of insects and dirt during the packaging process
  • Ensuring personal hygiene for operators

Compliance with industry regulations and standards

  • Meets food safety standards such as HACCP, ISO 22000 for the beverage industry
  • Meet GMP and GDP standards for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Comply with product labeling and labeling standards
  • Meet regulations on environmentally friendly packaging and materials
  • Standards for packaging weight and size in the export market

Integration with production and supply chain management systems

  • Connect with MES, ERP systems to synchronize production data
  • Tracking and tracing the origin of input materials
  • Record and report data on output, errors, loss rates
  • Integration with warehouse and supply chain management systems
  • Connection to operational control and operation system (WMS)

In addition, the system also needs to meet the requirements of productivity, high automation, the ability to flexibly change the size of bottles/barrels, and easy maintenance and operation. Meeting strict standards helps ensure product quality and safety and improve the reputation and trust of customers.

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