Carton Pallet Stacking System – Production Automation

Carton Pallet Stacking System

The carton pallet stacking system doubles productivity, minimizes human errors, and ensures operator safety. It is a key stage in the modern supply chain, connecting the production process with logistics and transportation.

Introduction to carton pallet stacking system

Definition of carton pallet stacking system

A carton palletizing system is an automated solution used in manufacturing plants to stack and arrange cartons containing products on pallets (wooden or plastic bases) accurately and efficiently.

This system consists of robots, sensors, control computers, and mechanical systems for lifting, moving, and stacking cartons onto pallets according to a certain stacking sequence and pattern. The process of stacking cartons on pallets is carried out fully automatically, without direct human intervention, which increases productivity and reduces errors caused by human factors.

Benefits of using carton pallet stacking systems in the production line

Increase efficiency in transportation
Increase efficiency in transportation
  • Increased productivity and production efficiency: Carton palletizing systems can work continuously, quickly, and more accurately than manual stacking.
  • Reduce errors and increase accuracy: The system automatically minimizes errors caused by human error, ensuring cartons are properly positioned and secure.
  • Labor cost savings: Reduce the need for manual labor, save labor costs, and increase the efficiency of human resource use.
  • Improved working conditions: The system helps to reduce heavy and dangerous work for workers, creating a safer working environment.
  • Increased tracking and management: Data from the system can be connected to other management systems, making it more efficient to track and manage production lines.

Main Components of carton pallet stacking system

Automatic palletizing machine

  • Robotic system or crane for lifting and moving cartons
  • The conveyor or sliding table brings the bin into the stowed position
  • Compact stacking mechanism such as a push shaft or push lever for stacking bins on pallets
  • Designed to fit the size, weight of the carton

The automatic palletizing machine is the central component of the system. It is a mechanical device equipped with a crane, arm, and moving parts for lifting, turning, and stacking cartons onto pallets.

Automatic sensor and control system

Sensor systems play an important role in monitoring and controlling the stacking process. Common sensors include position sensors, pressure sensors, weight sensors, and cameras.

  • Input sensor to detect the location, number of barrels
  • Sensors to track the position and height of pallets PLC programmable controller for signal processing and stacker control
  • Vision camera system (optional) for bin identification and positioning

The sensors collect data on the location, size, weight of cartons, and the condition of pallets, providing information to the automated control system.

Management and Monitoring Software

Optimize space, increase productivity
Optimize space, increase productivity

Management and monitoring software is a user interface that allows you to monitor, control, and optimize the operation of your palletizing system.

  • SCADA Software for Activity
  • Monitoring User interface for monitoring, configuration, control
  • Connect PLC and device for data acquisition
  • Storage, analysis of performance, fault, maintenance data

The coordination of operations between the above components is key to ensuring a safe, accurate and highly efficient palletizing system.

Operation process of carton pallet stacking system


  • Place the empty pallet into the stacking position of the stacker.
  • Install the stacking model (size, weight, number of bins to be stacked) on the management software.

Carton Identification:

  • A camera sensor or other sensor recognizes the location, size, and weight of the carton to be stacked
  • This information is sent to the automatic controller to calculate the stacking position

Lifting and moving cartons:

  • The carton stacker uses a crane or arm to lift cartons from the conveyor belt or waiting area
  • The carton is moved to the stacking position on the pallet.

Carton stacking:

  • The carton stacker rotates and places the carton on the pallet according to the installed stacking pattern.
  • The sensor checks the position and stability of the carton after stacking.

Repeat the process: Steps 2 to 4 are repeated until the pallet is full or the set number of bins is reached.

Finishing and palletizing:

  • When the required number of cartons is reached, the full pallet is moved out of the stacking area.
  • New pallets are brought in to continue the process.

Monitoring and Regulation:

  • The management software monitors the entire process and provides data on performance, errors, and more.
  • The operator can adjust the parameters if necessary to optimize operation.

This process is carried out fully automatically, with coordination between the various components of the system, which ensures the stacking of cartons on pallets quickly, accurately and safely.

Advantages of using a carton pallet stacking system

  • Automated systems can operate continuously at much higher speeds than manual stacking
  • Reduce the time and manpower required for the queue stage
  • The system automatically stacks cartons accurately and evenly, avoiding errors caused by human factors.
  • Reduce the risk of damage due to improper stowing
  • Eliminates the heavy, repetitive tasks associated with lifting and stacking bins
  • Avoid injuries caused by collisions, manual transportation
  • Optimize the use of factory and warehouse space
  • Easily track and record production and performance data
  • Analyze data to improve processes and make timely decisions.
Makes work faster, more accurate, and safer than manual work
Makes work faster, more accurate, and safer than manual work

In general, the automatic carton stacking system helps to improve the productivity, quality, labor safety, and operational efficiency of the enterprise, while saving labor costs and optimizing the working space.

Application of Carton Palletizing System in Industries

Automatic palletizing systems can be applied very effectively in a variety of industries:

Manufacturing and packaging industry

  • Production lines of consumer goods, food, beverages: stacking product cartons on pallets to prepare for distribution.
  • Packing plant: automates the process of stacking packed boxes onto pallets, helping to increase productivity and consistency.
  • Manufacturing of electronics, household appliances: stacking products in cartons on pallets for transportation to dealers or warehouses.

Logistics and freight industry

  • Cargo distribution center: stacks imported boxes on pallets for movement and storage.
  • Logistics warehousing: stacking different types of goods in cartons on pallets to prepare for transportation.
  • Seaports, airports: loading containers onto pallets to move on means of transport.

Retail and product distribution industry

  • Distribution centers of supermarket chains, retail stores: stacking goods in cartons on pallets for delivery to stores.
  • Warehouses under retail stores: load imported goods in cartons onto pallets to move into the sale area.
  • E-commerce center: stack order packing bins on pallets in preparation for delivery.

In these applications, automated palletizing systems help increase productivity, operational efficiency and ensure loading and unloading quality, meeting the increasing demands of production, logistics and distribution environments.

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