Ultrasonic cleaning tanks – Optimal cleaning solutions for businesses

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks - Optimal cleaning solutions for businesses

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks have become indispensable devices in the cleaning processes of many modern businesses. With advanced technology, ultrasonic cleaning tanks not only quickly remove dirt and contaminants but also protect and extend the lifespan of equipment and components. In this article, we will provide detailed information about ultrasonic cleaning tanks, their outstanding advantages, and why your business should invest in this device.

Types of ultrasonic cleaning tanks Vnatech provides

Types of ultrasonic cleaning tanks Vnatech provides
Types of ultrasonic cleaning tanks Vnatech provides

Small capacity ultrasonic cleaning tanks

This product line is ideal for laboratories, dental clinics, jewelry stores and small manufacturing facilities.

Outstanding features:

Capacity: 2L to 30L
Power: 60W to 600W
Ultrasonic frequency: 40kHz (28kHz or 80kHz optional)
SUS304 stainless steel case
Digital control panel with LED display
Timer and temperature adjustment function


Clean medical and dental instruments
Clean electronic components
Clean jewelry and watches
Cleaning optical glasses
Reasonable prices, Vnatech is committed to providing professional cleaning solutions for all small and medium businesses.

Medium capacity ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Medium capacity ultrasonic cleaning tanks
Medium capacity ultrasonic cleaning tanks
Suitable for medium-sized factories, large laboratories and medical facilities.

Outstanding features:

Capacity: 30L to 100L
Power: 600W to 2000W
Ultrasonic frequency: 40kHz (28kHz, 80kHz or multi-frequency optional)
SUS316L stainless steel shell and tank
PLC control system with touch screen
Power adjustment and frequency scanning function
Integrated solution filtration and circulation system


Clean mechanical components
Clean electronic circuit boards
Clean surgical instruments
Clean car and motorbike components
With this product line, Vnatech confidently meets the intensive cleaning needs of many industries.

Large capacity ultrasonic cleaning tank

Large capacity ultrasonic cleaning tank
Large capacity ultrasonic cleaning tank
Designed for large-scale factories and industrial production lines.

Outstanding features:

Capacity: 100L to 1000L
Power: 2000W to 15000W
Ultrasonic frequency: Multi-frequency (28kHz/40kHz/80kHz)
Double sink or multi-sink structure
Fully automatic control system
Integrated heating, filtration and solution reuse system
Automatic conveyor for continuous cleaning process


Cleaning car and aircraft components
Cleaning industrial machine parts
Clean pipes and heat exchangers
Treat metal surfaces before coating
Vnatech is proud to bring effective industrial cleaning solutions, saving time and operating costs.

Customized ultrasonic cleaning tanks upon request

At Vnatech, we understand that each customer has special needs. Our team of experienced engineers is ready to design and manufacture ultrasonic cleaning tanks that meet your exact requirements.

Options include:

Custom tank sizes and shapes
Integrates many cleaning technologies (ultrasonic, pressure spray, mechanical vibration)
Integrated wastewater treatment system
Fully automated with feeding robots
Integration into existing production lines
Clean room design for the electronics and medical industries
With Vnatech, you not only buy a product, but also get a reliable partner in the field of industrial cleaning. We are committed to providing optimal solutions, helping to improve product quality and production efficiency of your business.

Outstanding features and quality of ultrasonic cleaning tanks from Vnatech

Advanced ultrasound technology

  • High-power ultrasonic generation system: Using the latest inverter technology, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.
  • Multi-frequency: 28kHz, 40kHz, and 80kHz frequency options, suitable for a variety of materials and dirt levels.
  • Frequency scanning technology: Automatically adjusts frequency within a certain range, increasing cleaning efficiency and avoiding “dead spots”.

Durable design, high quality

  • High quality materials: Use SUS316L stainless steel for the washing tank, good corrosion resistance to strong chemicals.
  • Solid structure: Solid support frame design, minimizing vibration and noise.
  • Effective thermal insulation system: Helps maintain a stable temperature and save energy.
  • Overload protection system: Automatically disconnects when abnormal current is detected.
  • Water level sensor: Prevents operation when the water level is insufficient, protecting the device.
  • Automatic shut-off function: Automatically shuts off after completing the cleaning cycle.
  • Safety lid: Integrated shut-off switch when opening the lid, ensuring operator safety.

Intelligent control system

  • Touch screen HMI: Friendly user interface, easy to use.
  • PLC control: Ensures accuracy and stability during operation.
  • Process storage function: Different cleaning modes can be quickly saved and loaded.
  • Remote connection: Internet monitoring and control options for large systems.
  • Energy-saving inverter: Optimize output power, reduce electricity consumption.
  • Smart timer: Automatically turns on/off according to schedule, avoiding wasting energy.
  • ECO mode: Reduce power when no load, save electricity during standby time.

Vnatech’s customer support service

Consulting on choosing a suitable ultrasonic cleaning tank

  • Professional consulting team: Experts with more than 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • Analyze detailed needs: Carefully learn about the production process, the type of material to be cleaned, and the customer’s goals.
  • Propose optimal solution: Choose the most suitable model based on technical requirements and budget.
  • Product demo: Organize a live or online demo for customers to experience before deciding.
  • ROI consulting: Detailed analysis of investment benefits, helping customers make wise decisions.

Installation and operation support

  • Site survey: The technical team will survey and advise on the optimal installation location.
  • Professional installation: Technicians are well-trained to ensure proper installation.
  • System calibration: Fine-tune parameters to achieve the best cleaning effect.
  • Operation training: Detailed instructions on how to use and operate safely and effectively.
  • Trial run support: Accompany customers during trial runs and process optimization.
  • Instructions: Provide detailed instructions in Vietnamese and video instructions.

Maintenance and repair services

  • Periodic maintenance: Planned maintenance schedule ensures equipment is always in the best condition.
  • 24/7 technical team: Ready to support anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast response time: Committed to being present within 24 hours (for inner city areas) when there is an urgent request.
  • Full spare parts warehouse: Ensures quick replacement, minimizing machine downtime.
  • Detailed maintenance reports: Provide information on equipment status and suggestions for improvement.
  • System upgrades: Consulting and implementing upgrades to improve performance over time.

Warranty Policy

  • Warranty period: 2 years for the entire system, 5 years for main parts (sink, ultrasonic generator).
  • On-site warranty: The technical team will come to your location to handle warranty issues.
  • Quick replacement: Committed to replacing defective components within 48 hours.
  • Lifetime technical support: Even after the warranty period expires, we still provide free technical support.
  • Renewal policy: In the first 30 days, if not satisfied, customers can change to another model or receive a 100% refund.
  • Warranty extension: Option to extend warranty up to 5 years at preferential cost.
At Vnatech, we always put customer satisfaction first. We not only provide products but also provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring customers take full advantage of the effectiveness of ultrasonic cleaning tanks in the production process.
Please contact us immediately to receive professional advice and optimal solutions for your needs.

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