Smart warehouse

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Smart warehouse is a warehouse that integrates a number of automated technologies and uses shelf frames that can easily upgrade and improve the capacity many times. Smart warehouses have a combination of automatic picking robots, forklifts, cranes, and conveyors to move goods to the required location.

Why design smart warehouse?

Optimizing warehouse space, reducing manpower

Smart warehouses can hold a much larger number of pallets than traditional warehouses because they can take advantage of the stacking height to store goods while still being able to ensure high safety. This can help optimize warehouse space up to 80%. The warehouse is fully automated, so it only needs a few people to manage, transport,

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Efficient warehouse management

When designing a smart warehouse, the product quantity parameters, product location, inventory status, etc. will be displayed and updated in real time. This ensures efficient warehouse management and prompt handling of emerging situations.

Automatic, fast, accurate operation

Smart warehouse is designed automatically with each pallet in a separate cell. Each cell has an IP address so the system can recognize the exact location. This makes warehouse operations easier

Smart Warehousing
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Saving operating costs

The intelligent warehouse automatically helps to reduce the number of people involved in tasks: queuing, pushing, inventorying, carrying, etc., thereby reducing the risks of occupational accidents. The storage, shipment, tally, and inventory management are done automatically by warehouse management software to save time and costs while still bringing high efficiency.

Smart warehouse device

robot lay hang dong

Automated picking robots


Artificial Intelligence AI

internet van vat iot

Internet of Things IoT

rfid 1

Identification by radio frequency

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