Automatic Carton Packing Machine Price – Latest Updated 2024

Automatic Carton Packing Machine Price – Latest Updated 2024

Automatic carton packing machine price is always a big concern for businesses, especially when the packaging and packaging industry is thriving. In 2024, the automatic cartoning machine market will have many price fluctuations, in line with the diverse needs of customers.

Automatic carton packing machine price overview

Semi-automatic cartoning machine:

  • Lowest price: About 20-30 million VND
  • Average price: 50-80 million VND
  • Premium price: 100-150 million VND

Automatic Carton Packing Machine:

  • Lowest price: About 150-200 million VND
  • Average price: 300-500 million VND
  • Premium price: 700 million – 1.2 billion VND

High Speed Carton Packing Machine:

  • Lowest price: About 1.5-2 billion VND
  • Average price: 3-5 billion VND
  • Premium price: 7-10 billion VND or more
The price has a clear differentiation, depending on the capacity and features
The price has a clear differentiation, depending on the capacity and features

Factors affecting automatic carton packing machine price

Power and Speed:

  • Low-capacity machines (300-500 barrels/hour): Prices are 30-50% lower than medium-capacity machines.
  • High-capacity machines (over 2000 barrels/hour): The price can be 2-3 times higher than the average capacity machine.

Precision and Technology:

  • High precision machine (error <1mm): The price is 20-30% higher than the conventional machine.
  • Machines that integrate AI and IoT: Can increase the price by 40-60% compared to the basic model.

Brand and Origin:

  • Chinese machines: Usually have the lowest price, about 60-70% of the price of European machines of the same type.
  • Taiwan/Korean machines: Average price, about 80-90% of European machine prices.
  • Japanese/German machines: Usually have the highest price, which can be 20-30% higher than the market average.

Additional Features:

  • Code printing system: Price increase of 50-100 million VND.
  • Automatic labeling system: Increased price by 100-200 million VND.
  • Integrated quality inspection system: Can increase the price by 200-500 million VND.

Dimensions and Handling Capacity:

  • Large barrel processing machine (over 60x60x60cm): The price is 20-30% higher than the conventional barrel processing machine.
  • The machine is capable of adjusting multiple sizes: The price is 15-25% higher than a dedicated machine for one size.

Note: The above prices and trends are estimates based on aggregated market data. Specific prices may vary according to the supplier, specific specification, and market conditions at the time of purchase.

Sorting Automatic Carton Packing Machine by Price

Low-price automatic cartoning machine (less than 50 million VND)

General Features:

  • Low capacity: 300-500 barrels/hour
  • Mostly semi-automatic or basic automatic machines Suitable for small business, retail stores

Semi-automatic carton gluing machine (20-30 million VND):

  • Capacity: 300-400 barrels/hour
  • Handle bin size: 15x15x15cm to 50x50x50cm
  • Power supply: 220V, power 120-180W
  • Glue the bottom or top edge of the barrel only

2-sided semi-automatic carton gluing machine (30-45 million VND):

  • Capacity: 400-500 barrels/hour
  • Handle bin size: 15x15x15cm to 60x60x60cm
  • Power supply: 220V, power 180-250W
  • Glue both the top and bottom edges of the barrel


  • Low investment costs
  • Easy to use, simple maintenance
  • Flexible for a wide range of barrel sizes


  • Needs a lot of human intervention
  • Slow speed, not suitable for large-scale production
  • Lower precision than fully automatic machine

Average price automatic cartoning machine (50-150 million VND)

General Features:

  • Average capacity: 500-1000 barrels/hour
  • Higher levels of automation
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses

Basic automatic carton gluing machine (50-80 million VND):

  • Capacity: 500-700 barrels/hour
  • Handle bin size: 20x15x15cm to 60x50x50cm
  • Power supply: 220V/380V, power 370-550W
  • Automatic edge folding and tape application

High-end automatic carton gluing machine (80-150 million VND):

  • Capacity: 700-1000 barrels/hour Handle Bin
  • Size: 15x10x10cm to 65x55x55cm
  • Power supply: 380V, power 550-750W
  • Built-in automatic sizing system


  • High automation, reduced human intervention
  • Stable speed, suitable for small and medium production
  • Higher precision than semi-automatic machine


  • Higher investment costs
  • Higher technical requirements for operation and maintenance
  • Still not meeting the needs of large-scale production

High price automatic cartoning machine (over 150 million VND)

The choice of large-scale manufacturing enterprises
The choice of large-scale manufacturing enterprises

General Features:

  • High capacity: over 1000 barrels/hour
  • Full Automation Suitable for large enterprises, large-scale manufacturing plants

High-capacity automatic cartoning machine (150-500 million VND):

  • Capacity: 1000-2000 barrels/hour
  • Handle bin size: 10x10x10cm to 70x60x60cm
  • Power supply: 380V, power 1-3kW
  • Built-in automatic barrel filling system

High-speed cartoning machine (500 million – 2 billion VND):

  • Capacity: 2000-6000 barrels/hour
  • Handle Bin Size: Customized on request
  • Power supply: 380V/480V, power 3-10kW
  • Integrated quality inspection system, barcode printing

Complete integrated packaging system (over 2 billion VND):

  • Capacity: Over 6000 barrels/hour
  • Fully integrated functions: carton feeding, palletizing, packing, inspection, printing
  • Connect to your manufacturing management system (MES) and ERP


  • Full automation, minimizing human intervention
  • High speed, meet the needs of large-scale production
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Built-in many advanced functions


  • Very high investment costs
  • Large installation space required
  • Need a professional technical team for operation and maintenance
  • Less flexibility when changing production processes

Latest Automatic Carton Packing Machine Price Update 2024

Loại máy Công suất Giá (VNĐ)
Loại nhỏ
Bán tự động cơ bản  300-400 thùng/giờ  25-35 triệu
Bán tự động 2 mặt  400-600 thùng/giờ  35-50 triệu
Tự động cỡ nhỏ  500-700 thùng/giờ  70-100 triệu
Loại trung bình
Tự động tiêu chuẩn  700-1000 thùng/giờ  100-180 triệu
Tự động cao cấp  1000-1500 thùng/giờ  180-300 triệu
Tự động đa chức năng  1200-2000 thùng/giờ  300-500 triệu
Công suất cao
Tốc độ cao  2000-3000 thùng/giờ  500 triệu – 1 tỷ
Siêu tốc  3000-5000 thùng/giờ  1-2 tỷ
Hệ thống tích hợp  >5000 thùng/giờ  >2 tỷ


  • Prices may vary depending on the provider and specific configuration.
  • High-end machines often have an upgrade option, which can increase the price.
  • The price includes VAT but does not include shipping and installation costs.
  • Imported machines can cost 10-20% more than domestically produced machines.
  • Some suppliers may offer a 5-10% discount on large orders or prepayment.

When choosing, businesses should consider not only the initial price but also the cost of operation, maintenance, and future scalability.

Tips when buying an automatic cartoning machine

Businesses need to carefully consider their needs and budget to choose the most suitable product.
Businesses need to carefully consider their needs and budget to choose the most suitable product.

Price and quality considerations

  • Don’t just choose the cheapest machine.
  • Compare at least 3-5 different brands.
  • Consider the origin, reputation and warranty period.
  • Double-check specifications such as actual power and accuracy.
  • Evaluate the quality of materials, especially the chassis and moving parts.
  • Consider additional features such as auto-tuning and user interface.

Request to run a test with your actual product. This helps to evaluate the actual performance of the machine. Investing in quality can save long-term costs and reduce downtime due to breakdowns.

Assessment of operating and maintenance costs

  • Calculate the power consumption of the machine.
  • Monthly electricity cost estimates are based on expected uptime.
  • Consider the cost of consumables such as tape and periodic replacement parts.

Learn about the frequency of maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Estimate the cost for maintenance technicians, whether in-house or outsourced. Check the price of major replacement parts.

Don’t forget the cost of initial training for operators and periodic skill updates. Create a detailed spreadsheet of operating costs over 5 years for an overview.

Calculate the ROI of investing in an automatic cartoning machine

  • Identify savings factors such as reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.
  • Calculate the investment cost including the purchase price of the machine, transportation, installation and initial training

Estimate additional revenue increase due to capacity increase and quality improvement. Calculate ROI using the formula: ROI = (Net Profit / Cost of Investment) x 100%.

Calculate the payback time by dividing the investment cost by the annual savings. Set a minimum ROI goal, for example 30% over 5 years. Consider different scenarios: optimistic, medium, and pessimistic.

Consider non-financial factors such as improving the working environment and increasing brand credibility. These factors are difficult to measure in money but can provide long-term value.

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