Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine: Notes & Standard Usage

Automatic carton box packing machine

Automatic carton box packing machine is an important industrial equipment that is widely used in many fields of manufacturing, logistics and retail. It plays a key role in the packaging and transportation of goods.

About Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine

Automatic carton canning machine definition

Automatic carton boxing machine is a kind of specialized machinery, which is used to automate the entire process of packaging products into carton boxes.

The machine is capable of automatically performing stages such as: taking flat carton boxes, folding them into boxes, putting products into boxes, gluing canning glue quickly and accurately. Widely applied in factories and workshops to automate the packaging process, save labor and improve productivity.

Structure and basic operating principle of automatic carton packing machine

Automatic carton box packing machine
Automatic carton box packing machine


  • The steel or aluminum chassis ensures rigidity.
  • Drive system by motor, belt, belt.
  • The system conveys carton boxes by rollers, sliders.
  • The system folds and glues glue with folding forks and glue sticks.
  • Control panel to adjust operating parameters.

Operating Principle:

  • Flat carton boxes are fed into the machine by automatic system.
  • The folding system will bend to form the bottom and body of the box.
  • The product is placed inside the box.
  • The adhesive system sprays glue and presses the edges to seal the box.
  • The finished packaging box is pushed out of the machine for transportation.
  • The whole process is automatically controlled by electrical circuits and sensors

With modern structure and automation operation principle, carton boxing machine helps optimize the packaging process, meet production needs with high productivity and stable quality.

Popular Types of Automatic Carton Box Packing Machine

Automatic Box Carton Packing Machine

The structure includes: Flat bin tray, guide sliding system, box-shaped folding mechanisms, glue spraying system, product handle.

Working principle

  • Flat carton is inserted, the mechanism will fold to form the bottom and body of the box.
  • The product is inserted inside, then sprayed with glue on the edges to seal the box.

Suitable for packing: Refrigerator, washing machine, household appliances, canned food,..

Automatic Roll Type Carton Box Packing Machine

Structure includes: Carton paper roll shaft, cutter, bending shaft system, glue table.

Principle: The carton paper roll is cut into segments of the required size, then the folding shafts will bend to form a cylinder, glue to seal the carton.

Suitable for packaging: Bottles, bottled drinks/cans, cylindrical products.

Carton box packing machine with automatic rotary table

Structure includes: Multi-directional turntable, barrel folding system, glue table, crane to bring products.


  • The product is put into the turntable, the flat carton is also put in.
  • The turntable rotates at multiple angles to fold the barrel and put the product in, gluing the closure.

Suitable: Products with complex shapes, safes, furniture,…

Heat Shrink Type Carton Packing Machine

Structure: Heat shrink chamber, barrel conveyor, heat drying oven, shrink film roll.


  • The product is put into cartons, shrink film is wrapped around.
  • The heat shrink chamber will shrink the film that wraps tightly to the barrel.

Suitable: The product needs high protection in transportation but does not need to be fully packaged.

Conveyor Integrated Carton Packing Machine:

Structure: Transport conveyor system, connected with box packing machine.


  • The machine is connected to the automatic conveyor system.
  • The products and flat cartons are sent to the packing machine, the machine will pack by itself.

Suitable: The factory has a continuous production line that needs mass packaging.

Diverse applications in industrial production
Diverse applications in industrial production

Each type of machine has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of features, packaging size, speed and degree of automation to suit the production needs of the

Important Notes When Using Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Inspection and preparation of raw materials

  • Check the size and carton material suitable for the machine
  • Prepare a sufficient number of cartons to be packed
  • Check for adhesive tape, fasteners, or other packaging accessories
  • Make sure the ingredients are stacked neatly and cleanly before putting them into the machine

Understand the steps of machine operation and installation

  • Carefully study the instructions for use from the manufacturer
  • Understand how to set the carton size for the machine
  • Understand the step-by-step operation process in detail
  • Know how to start, stop the machine, and handle the initial problem

Ensuring occupational safety

  • Wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles when operating the machine
  • Do not put your hands into the machine while it is in operation
  • Compliance with workplace safety regulations
  • Place the machine in a convenient location, avoid causing entanglement during operation

Paying attention to the above points will help the process of using automatic carton packaging machines safely, efficiently and achieve packaging results that meet the requirements.

Standard Usage of Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Automatic carton box packing machine
Automatic carton box packing machine

Standard Operating Procedure for Automatic

  • Carton Packing Machine Prepare materials (cartons, adhesive tape/fasteners) according to the specifications
  • Inspect and clean the machine before operation
  • Install the right carton size on the machine
  • Put the carton in the correct position and instructions
  • Start the machine and operate according to the instructions
  • Monitoring the packaging process and ensuring satisfactory products
  • Stop the machine after completing and perform machine cleaning

Adjust and customize the machine for different carton sizes

  • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to adjust the size
  • Changing the bin size settings on the control panel/software
  • Inspection and calibration of machine components (e.g. push bars, conveyor belts)
  • Perform test packaging with new sizes
  • Readjust as needed until satisfactory

Periodic maintenance and cleaning of automatic carton packing machine

  • Clean the machine after each shift to remove dirt and debris
  • Lubricate the moving parts of the machine according to the maintenance schedule
  • Inspect and replace damaged and worn parts
  • Adhere to the manufacturer’s periodic maintenance schedule

By strictly following standard operating procedures, the use of automatic carton packaging machines will achieve optimal efficiency, packaging products will reach the desired quality and extend the life of the machine.

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