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Refrigeration dryer

Refrigeration dryer are widely applied in many industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction materials, paper, electronics, etc. It helps maintain product quality, increase longevity, as well as improve production efficiency.

Introduction to refrigeration dryer

Refrigeration dryer concept

A refrigeration dryer (also called a sublimation dryer or freeze dryer) is a device that uses refrigeration technology to remove moisture from a product without using high temperatures. This process is based on the principle of sublimation, in which the water in the product moves directly from the solid state (rock) to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.

The importance of refrigeration dryers in industry and life:

  • In the food industry: Preserve food long-term while still retaining flavor, color and nutritional value.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry: Production of stable powdered drugs, vaccines and heat-sensitive probiotics.
  • In the chemical industry: Production of catalysts, nanomaterials and specialty chemicals.
  • In conservation: Preservation of biological specimens and historical documents.
  • In life: Production of freeze-dried foods for tourism, exploration and in emergency situations.

Operating principle of refrigeration dryer

Step 1: Freeze the product at a very low temperature (usually below -40°C).

Step 2: Reduce the pressure in the drying chamber below the triple point of water.

Step 3: Provide low level heat so that the ice in the product sublimates directly into steam.

Step 4: The steam is condensed and collected on the refrigeration unit.

Step 5: The process continues until the desired humidity is reached.

Principle of cold cycle to remove moisture in products
Principle of cold cycle to remove moisture in products

Advantages of cold drying technology compared to traditional drying methods

  • Preserving quality: Maintains most of the flavor, color, texture and nutritional value of the product.
  • Undenatured: Suitable for heat-sensitive products such as proteins and enzymes.
  • High purity: Removes water without leaving impurities.
  • Long-term storage: The product can be stored for many years at room temperature.
  • Easy recovery: The product after drying can be easily reconstituted when water is added.
  • Microbiological safety: Cryogenic processes and vacuum environments limit microbial growth.
  • Volume reduction: Helps save on transportation and storage costs.

However, this technology also has some disadvantages such as high investment and operating costs, long drying time, and large energy consumption. Therefore, it is often applied to products with high value or requiring special quality.

Types of Vnatech refrigeration dryer provided nationwide

Large-scale industrial refrigeration dryer

Model VNT-LD5000:

  • Drying capacity: 500kg/batch
  • Drying floor area: 50m²
  • Suitable for large-scale food and pharmaceutical processing factories
  • Integrated PLC automatic control system, touch screen
  • Save 30% energy compared to conventional models

Model VNT-LD3000:

  • Drying capacity: 300kg/batch
  • Drying floor area: 30m²
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand production
  • Modular design, easy to upgrade future capacity

Refrigeration dryer for households and small businesses

Model VNT-LD100:

  • Drying capacity: 10kg/batch
  • Compact size, suitable for limited space
  • Easy to use with simple control panel
  • Ideal for households, restaurants, cafes

Model VNT-LD500:

  • Drying capacity: 50kg/batch
  • Semi-industrial design, suitable for small production facilities
  • Integrated programming function for many different drying cycles
  • Save 20% electricity compared to other models in the same segment

Specialized refrigeration dryer for each industry

VNT-LD2000P (Pharmaceutical):

  • Drying capacity: 200kg/batch
  • Meets GMP and FDA standards
  • HEPA filtration system ensures a sterile environment
  • Suitable for producing powders, vaccines, and biological products

VNT-LD1000F (Food):

  • Drying capacity: 100kg/batch
  • Specially designed for fruits, vegetables, meat
  • Multi-layer drying technology, space optimization
  • Retains 95% of its nutritional value and natural flavor

VNT-LD800C (Chemical):

  • Drying capacity: 80kg/batch
  • Anti-corrosion material, suitable for special chemicals
  • Integrated exhaust gas treatment system
  • High safety with leak detection sensors

All Vnatech models come with a warranty of up to 2 years and 24/7 technical support. We also provide free consultation, installation and usage training services.

Humidified air flow is drawn into the machine and through a chiller
Humidified air flow is drawn into the machine and through a chiller

With a team of experienced engineers, Vnatech is committed to providing optimal refrigeration solutions, suitable to the specific needs of each customer, contributing to improving product quality and production efficiency for businesses in Vietnam and around the world

Refrigeration dryer quality from Vnatech

Production and inspection standards

ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems

Meets European CE standards for safety and environment

Complies with GMP standards in manufacturing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

3-level quality inspection process:

  • Check input components
  • Inspection during production
  • Comprehensive inspection of finished products

Each machine undergoes 72 hours of testing before leaving the factory

Certification from the Vietnam Department of Quality Measurement on the accuracy of technical parameters

Advanced technology applied in manufacturing

  • The cooling system uses Inverter technology, saving up to 30% of electricity
  • H13 standard HEPA filter membrane, filters 99.97% of particles with size 0.3μm
  • Multi-stage drying technology with intelligent cold air circulation system
  • Siemens PLC controller integrates AI, automatically optimizing the drying process
  • Humidity and temperature sensor accurate to 0.1°C and 0.1% RH
  • SUS316L stainless steel material for parts in contact with products
  • Dual vacuum isolation technology, ensuring stable drying environment
Refrigeration dryer
Refrigeration dryer

Durability and performance of Vnatech refrigeration dryer

  • Average lifespan over 15 years with routine maintenance
  • Drying efficiency remains above 95% after 5 years of use
  • Ability to operate continuously 24/7 for 6 months without maintenance
  • Energy saving: Consumes only 1.2 kWh of electricity per kg of dried product
  • The defective product rate is below 0.1% during drying
  • Drying time is 20% faster than conventional machines
  • Product recovery ability reaches over 98% in structure and quality

In particular, Vnatech is proud of:

  • Exclusive “Smart Freeze-Drying” technology automatically adjusts drying parameters according to the characteristics of each product type
  • Remote monitoring system via smartphone, allowing control and monitoring of the drying process anytime, anywhere
  • 2-year warranty and commitment to technical support within 4 hours nationwide

With Vnatech, we not only provide refrigeration dryers, but also provide comprehensive solutions to improve product quality and production efficiency for your business. Let Vnatech accompany you on the path of technological development and innovation!

Process of purchasing and installing refrigeration dryer at Vnatech

Ordering steps

Step 1: Free consultation

  • Contact Vnatech via hotline 1800-6868 or website
  • The consultant will analyze needs and propose appropriate solutions

Step 2: Field survey (if necessary)

  • The technical team will come to the site to evaluate installation conditions
  • Consulting on necessary infrastructure for refrigeration dryers

Step 3: Detailed quote

  • Send a detailed quote with the machine’s specifications
  • Consulting on financial packages and installment payments (if necessary)

Step 4: Sign the contract: Conclude a contract on clear terms

Step 5: Production and inspection
  • Production time ranges from 15-30 days depending on model
  • Customers are invited to visit the factory and check products before delivery

Transportation and installation services

  • Free shipping within 100km from Vnatech showroom
  • Professional technical team performs installation
  • Installation time ranges from 1-3 days depending on machine size
  • Test and test the entire system
  • Handing over the machine with detailed acceptance minutes

Instructions for use and maintenance

  • Direct operational training for customer employees (2-3 days)
  • Provide detailed user manuals in Vietnamese and local languages
  • Video instructions for online use on Vnatech’s YouTube channel
  • Regular maintenance schedule is prepared for the first 2 years
  • Provide a basic set of maintenance tools attached to the machine

In particular, Vnatech commits to:

  • 24/7 technical support via dedicated hotline
  • Response and troubleshooting time within 4 hours
  • 2 years warranty for the whole machine, 5 years for main parts
  • Provide spare parts within 24 hours nationwide
  • Technology upgrade program with special offers for old customers

At Vnatech, we not only sell refrigeration dryers but also provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring smooth and efficient operation for your business.

Let Vnatech become a reliable partner on your development path!

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