Industrial wood dryer – Installation, maintenance, good price

Industrial wood dryer - Installation, maintenance, good price

Vnatech is a leading unit in the field of supplying and installing industrial wood dryer in Vietnam. With many years of experience, Vnatech has established its position in providing modern and effective wood drying solutions for wood factories.

Overview of industrial wood dryer

Definition and operating principle of industrial wood dryer

Definition: Industrial wood dryer is a specialized equipment designed to remove moisture from wood quickly and controlfully, to prepare wood for subsequent processing or final use.

Operating principle:

  • Create a controlled environment: Temperature, humidity and air circulation are precisely adjusted.
  • Heating: The wood is heated to increase the internal steam pressure.
  • Dehumidification: Moisture from wood is removed through evaporation.
  • Air rotation: The fan creates an even air flow to ensure uniform drying.
  • Process control: Sensors monitor and adjust drying parameters.

Advantages of using industrial wood dryer

  • Reduce the rate of cracked, buckled, and curved wood to less than 5% (compared to 15-20% when dried naturally).
  • Ensure uniform humidity throughout the wood block, error is only ±1%.
  • Increases the dimensional stability of wood products by up to 30%.
  • Shorten drying time from 3-6 months (natural drying) to 3-14 days.
  • Allows continuous production 24/7, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Reduce storage costs and working capital by 40-50.
  • Reduce the rate of deterioration and waste of raw materials to 2-3% (compared to 10-15% when dried naturally).
  • Integrates with automatic production management system (ERP, MES).
  • Meets international wood quality standards (e.g. ASTM D4442).
  • Improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction.
  • Expanding export markets by meeting stringent wood moisture requirements.
Helps optimize every aspect of the production process
Helps optimize every aspect of the production process

These advantages make industrial wood dryers an indispensable tool in the modern wood processing industry, helping businesses improve product quality, increase production efficiency and improve competitiveness in global market.

Popular types of industrial wood dryers

Kiln wood dryer

  • Principle: Use steam or resistance for heating, combined with a fan system to circulate air.
  • Capacity: 10-200 m³ wood/batch.
  • Drying temperature: 40-90°C.
  • Drying time: 3-14 days depending on wood type.
  • Advantages: Flexible, suitable for many types of wood, good control of drying process.
  • Disadvantages: High energy consumption, relatively long drying time.

Vacuum wood dryer

  • Principle: Drying in a low pressure environment, reducing the boiling point of water.
  • Capacity: 5-50 m³ wood/batch.
  • Pressure: 0.08-0.1 atm.
  • Drying temperature: 30-60°C.
  • Drying time: 2-7 days.
  • Advantages: Fast drying, little effect on wood structure, suitable for precious wood.
  • Disadvantages: High investment costs, limited wood size.

Heat pump wood dryer

  • Principle: Use the heat pump cycle to create hot and dry air.
  • Capacity: 5-100 m³ wood/batch.
  • Drying temperature: 35-70°C.
  • Drying time: 4-10 days.
  • Advantages: Energy saving (50-70% compared to kiln), environmentally friendly.
  • Disadvantages: Reduced efficiency at low ambient temperatures, high initial investment costs.

Convection wood dryer

  • Principle: Use hot air circulating through the stacks of wood.
  • Capacity: 20-300 m³ wood/batch.
  • Drying temperature: 60-100°C.
  • Drying time: 2-10 days.
  • Advantages: Fast drying, suitable for high volume drying, low operating costs.
  • Disadvantages: Can cause wood cracking if not well controlled, high fuel consumption.

Vnatech industrial wood dryer installation service

Helps minimize labor and the risk of errors due to human factors
Helps minimize labor and the risk of errors due to human factors

Professional installation process

At Vnatech, we pride ourselves on a standard 5-step installation process, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety:

Step 1: Survey and plan

  • Our team of engineers will survey on-site, free of charge.
  • Analyze specific requirements and installation conditions of customers.
  • Make 3D drawings and detailed installation plans.

Step 2: Prepare the ground

  • Guide customers to prepare the foundation according to standards.
  • Check the electrical system and water source.
  • Ensure installation space meets technical requirements.

Step 3: Transportation and installation of equipment

  • Use of specialized vehicles, ensuring the safety of equipment.
  • Install according to technical drawings, comply with safety standards.
  • Use specialized tools to ensure high precision.

Step 4: Connect and install the system

  • Connect electrical, water, and control systems.
  • Install Vnatech’s smart control software.
  • Thoroughly check all connections and functions.

Step 5: Test run and hand over

  • Run a test of the entire system in 48 hours.
  • Training customer operations staff (2-3 days).
  • Hand over all technical documents and instructions for use.

Experienced technicians

Vnatech is proud of its elite team of technicians:

  • 100% of engineers graduate from leading universities in engineering.
  • Average 10+ years of experience in industrial dryer field.
  • Periodically trained in manufacturing plants in Europe and Japan.
  • Occupational safety certificates and installation procedures of international standards.
  • Proficient in a variety of wood dryers from leading brands.

Commitment of Vnatech technical team:

  • Quick response time: Be present within 24 hours of receiving the request.
  • Professional demeanor: Punctuality, full protective attire, polite communication.
  • Thoroughly resolved: Commit not to leave when the problem is not completely resolved.
  • Post-installation support: Ready to advise and support 24/7 via dedicated hotline.

Consulting on choosing suitable industrial wood dryer

Use advanced drying technology such as hot air drying or vacuum drying
Use advanced drying technology such as hot air drying or vacuum drying

Vnatech’s in-depth consulting service helps customers choose the optimal solution:

  • Demand analysis: Detailed assessment of wood type, drying volume, quality requirements.
  • Technology comparison: Consulting on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of dryer (kiln, vacuum, heat pump, convection).
  • Calculate investment efficiency: Provide a detailed spreadsheet of operating costs and payback time.
  • Custom solution proposal: Design the drying system to suit the customer’s specific conditions.
  • Upgrade consulting: Propose a roadmap to upgrade the system according to the development of the business.

With Vnatech, you not only buy wood dryers but also receive comprehensive solutions, from in-depth consulting to installation services and professional technical support. We are committed to accompanying the development of your business, bringing optimal production efficiency and outstanding product quality.

Please contact Vnatech immediately for detailed advice and the best quote!

Maintenance service of industrial wood dryer from Vnatech

At Vnatech, we understand the importance of industrial wood dryers in your production process. That’s why we provide professional maintenance services, ensuring your machines always operate at the highest performance.

Importance of routine maintenance

  • Extend machine life: Regular maintenance helps detect and fix minor problems before they become serious.
  • Cost savings: Prevent major failures, minimize downtime and expensive repair costs.
  • Maintain product quality: The dryer works well to ensure the wood is dried evenly and of high quality.
  • Occupational safety: Regular inspections help detect potential risks, ensuring operator safety.

Vnatech maintenance service packages

Basic Package:

  • General examination of the system
  • Clean main parts
  • Lubrication and periodic oil changes
  • Report machine status

Advanced Package:

  • All services of the Basic package
  • Check and calibrate the control system
  • Replace worn-out components
  • Optimize machine performance

Comprehensive Package:

  • All services of the Advanced package
  • 24/7 backup maintenance
  • Training of operational staff
  • Technology upgrade consultancy

Benefits of regular industrial wood dryer maintenance:

  • Increase production efficiency: The machine operates stably, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Energy saving: Well-maintained machines consume less energy, reducing operating costs.
  • Ensuring product quality: Dry wood evenly and according to standards, reducing the rate of waste products.
  • Reduce stress for employees: The machine operates stably to help smooth the production process, reducing pressure on the operator.
  • Increasing the value of assets: Good maintenance helps maintain and enhance the value of machinery and equipment.

At Vnatech, we not only provide maintenance services but are also a reliable partner in optimizing your production processes.

Please contact us today for advice on the most suitable service package for your business!

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