Industrial sublimation dryer helps drying products effectively

Industrial sublimation dryer

To meet the increasing demands of the market, Vnatech is proud to introduce to customers a line of modern and advanced industrial sublimation dryer products, helping to preserve maximum flavor, nutrition, and shape of the skin on top of the product.

What is an industrial sublimation dryer? 

Freeze drying is the process of dehumidifying raw materials that have been frozen in a vacuum environment. When heating begins, the steam will change directly from solid to gas, without going through the liquid phase.

What is an industrial sublimation dryer
What is an industrial sublimation dryer

When using a freeze dryer in production, the freeze-dried product after separation retains its shape, color, and nutrients.

The birth of the industrial sublimation dryer

Since ancient times, in the high mountains of South America, the Incas in Peru were able to freeze meat and other foods. Under sunlight and low pressure, stored food tends to freeze and dry out.

All types of food are stored in military backpacks during operations. Later, in 1533, warehouses to preserve vegetables were also born.

By 1906, two French physicists Bordas and Darsonval researched and created a steam condenser by mixing acetone into snow during the drying process. After that, this method continued to be perfected to serve the US-Japan war.

By 1942 and 1943, the equipment was gradually perfected with greater capacity and introduced into the high-end preservation and processing industry. Currently, dryers with this technology are often applied to materials that need to be dried with high economic value.

The birth of the industrial sublimation dryer
The birth of the industrial sublimation dryer

Outstanding advantages of sublimation dryer

A flower dryer, also known as a flower dryer, is an important tool in preserving and creating dried flower products. Below are some outstanding advantages of the flower dryer:

Preserve quality with an industrial sublimation dryer

The flower drying machine allows to preservation of the quality of flowers optimally. The drying process effectively removes moisture from flowers, preventing the growth of bacteria and mold, thereby keeping flowers preserved longer and retaining their original color and shape.

Retain natural fragrance with an industrial sublimation dryer

Flower dryers are often designed to retain the natural scent of flowers during the drying process. This helps the final dried flower product retain some of the unique scent of the original flower, creating a pleasant experience when used.

Save time and effort with an industrial sublimation dryer

Compared to traditional flower drying methods such as hanging flowers on a frame or drying them in the sun, a flower dryer saves significant time and effort. Users do not need to monitor the drying process every day and worry about weather conditions.

Outstanding advantages of sublimation dryer
Outstanding advantages of sublimation dryer

Ensure uniformity and control of the drying process thanks to an industrial sublimation dryer

Flower dryers are often equipped with temperature and time control devices, helping to ensure that the drying process takes place evenly and with precise control. This helps avoid over-drying or uneven drying, thereby ensuring the quality of dried flower products.

Ability to dry a large amount of products at the same time

Flower dryers are often capable of drying a large amount of flowers at one time, thereby minimizing the time and effort required to complete the drying process. This is very useful for manufacturing facilities or users who want to produce large quantities of dried flower products.

Which foods should use an industrial sublimation dryer?

With high-quality drying capabilities, freeze dryers can dry almost all materials. However, because the investment cost is relatively high, only foods that are truly necessary or have high value will be used for this type of equipment.

Fruits with soft, spongy, watery, easily deformed textures such as custard apples, durian, strawberries, dragon fruit, mango, etc. should be dried with a freeze dryer to maintain their shape…
Typical sublimation dryers can be applied to the following types of materials:
  •  High-end medicinal herbs need to ensure quality, color, and nutrients such as ginseng, cordyceps mushrooms, red ginseng, camellia flowers such as yellow camellia, spirulina cultured algae powder, Seaweed…
  •  Dry foods need to retain microorganisms or medicinal properties and hot and cold dryers cannot ensure this requirement.
  • Vegetable and fruit powders such as celery powder, banana, ginseng powder, bitter melon powder,… and other powders from fruit and vegetable juices.

Application of industrial sublimation dryer in industry

Flower drying machines are not only used in the production of dried flowers for personal aesthetic purposes but also have many important applications in various industrial fields. Below are some main applications of flower dryers in the industry:

Food and beverage industry

  • Natural food production: Flower dryers are used to preserve natural ingredients such as flowers, leaves, and fruits for use in the production of natural food products such as tea, spices, or other products. processed foods.
  • Production of flavors and spices. In the food industry, flower dryers. Used to produce natural flavors and spices from dried flowers and plants.

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Production of herbs and remedies. Flower dryers are used to preserve and process herbs. Herbs for the production of natural remedies and pharmaceutical products.
  • Cosmetics production. In the natural cosmetics industry, flower dryers are used to dry natural ingredients. As flowers and leaves for use in the production of natural cosmetic products.

Cosmetic chemical industry

Production of perfumes and essential oils. Flower dryers help preserve and process flowers and plants to produce natural perfumes and essential oils. Especially essential oils derived from flowers.

Decorative and furniture manufacturing industry

Production of decorative products and gifts. Flower dryers are used in the production of decorative and gift products containing natural ingredients such as dried flowers and leaves, such as gift boxes, vases, wreaths, and other decorative items.

Health and wellness industry:

Manufacturing health care products. In the health and wellness product manufacturing industry, flower dryers. Used to produce products such as sauna bags, sauna bags, and health care bouquets.

Why should you choose Vnatech’s industrial sublimation dryer?

  • Product quality: Vnatech’s sublimation dryers are manufactured with advanced technology and strict quality control processes. This ensures that the final product is of high quality. Meets international quality standards.
  • Performance and energy savings: With the integration of energy-saving technologies into the design. Vnatech’s sublimation dryer has high efficiency and consumes less energy. This not only helps save operating costs but also leads to a more sustainable production environment.
  • Reliability and durability: Vnatech is committed to providing reliable and durable products. The sublimation dryer is designed to operate stably and continuously for a long time. Minimize incidents and downtime.
  • Professional after-sales service. Not only a manufacturer, Vnatech also provides professional after-sales services. Such as maintenance, repair, and technical support. This ensures that customers can always trust and be satisfied with their products.

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