Carton Packing Machine: Features and Applications

Carton Packing Machine

Featuring the ability to handle a wide range of dimensions, automatic adjustment, flexible integration and high productivity, modern carton packing machine become an effective solution for optimizing the packaging process in industrial production.

About Carton Packing Machine

What is Carton Machine?

A cartoner is a specialized type of machinery used to pack products into cartons quickly and efficiently. The machine helps to carry out the process of folding, forming and gluing to package the product inside the carton.

Widely applied in industries such as food, electronics, consumer goods, etc. to package the product before shipping or selling.

Basic Structure of Carton Machine

Carton Packing Machine
Carton Packing Machine
  • Machine frame: Made of steel or aluminum, ensure the rigidity and safety during operation.
  • Transmission system: Including the motor, belt system, belt to drive other parts.
  • Carton conveying system: Includes rollers and guide bars to bring the carton to the packing position.
  • Folding and gluing system: Folding forks, glue rods for folding and gluing cartons.
  • Control Panel: Allows adjustment of the operating parameters of the machine.

Classification of carton packing machines

  • Automatic cartoning machine: Automatically carry out the whole cartoning process from carton feeding, carton folding to carton glue. Suitable for large-scale production.
  • Semi-automatic cartoning machine: Need the operator to put the carton into place, the rest is automatic. Suitable for small and medium-sized production.
  • Manual cartoning machine: The operator performs the whole process from carton feeding, carton folding to gluing. Suitable for small-scale production.

With different structures and machine types, carton packing machines help optimize the packaging process, meeting the production needs of many types of businesses.

Working Principle of Carton Packing Machine

Operation Process of Automatic Carton Packing Machine

  • The flat carton is fed into the carton feeder of the machine by automatic or manual system.
  • The sensor system detects the carton and starts the packaging process.
  • The folding sliders shape the bottom of the carton, adjusted to the required size.
  • The barrel is brought to the barrel body folding position, the folding forks will bend and shape the barrel body.
  • After that, the barrel is brought to the gluing position, the glue spraying system will spray the glue on the folded edges.
  • The more glue is glued, the more pressing the edges to tighten the glue and complete the carton.
  • The packed carton is pushed out of the machine for transportation or put into the next line.

How to form folding edges and glue on cartons

  • The sliding bar system, the more folded it bends, to shape the folded edges for the bottom and body.
  • The folded edges are shaped by the pressure and the shape of the different folding elements that are suitable for each barrel size.
  • Glue spraying systems use liquid or hot-melt glue to spray onto the folded edges to be glued.
  • The glue fork will press and hold the folded edges to keep the glue tight, ensuring the packaging box is secure.

Packaging speed and productivity of carton packing machine

  • The packing speed of an automatic cartoning machine is usually between 10-30 barrels per minute, depending on the size and configuration of the machine.
  • High-end machines can operate at speeds of up to 40-50 barrels per minute.
  • High packaging productivity increases production efficiency, meeting large packaging needs in a short time.
  • Using an automatic cartoning machine saves significant labor compared to traditional manual packaging.
Carton Packing Machine
Carton Packing Machine

With modern operating principles, automatic cartoning machines help to fully automate the packaging process, ensuring high packaging speed and quality.

Outstanding Features of Carton Packing Machine

Ability to handle a variety of carton sizes

  • Modern carton machines are capable of handling a wide variety of carton sizes thanks to a flexible adjustment system.
  • The folding and gluing parts can be adjusted in extension to match the length, width, and height of each type of bin.
  • Just change the program or enter a new size, the machine will automatically adjust to handle the new bin.
  • The ability to handle a variety of sizes makes the machine flexible to apply to many different types of products.

Automatic barrel size adjustment feature

  • Many high-end carton machines are integrated with automatic size adjustment feature.
  • The barcode scanning system or sensor will read the carton size to be packed and automatically adjust the machine accordingly.
  • This feature helps minimize the time to reinstall the machine when switching the barrel size, saving switching time.
  • The operator does not need much intervention, the packaging process takes place continuously, improving productivity.

Ability to combine with automated production lines

  • The cartoning machine can combine working with other equipment in the automatic production line.
  • The finished product is automatically sent to the cartoning machine for packing.
  • The machine can receive a signal from the line to start or stop the packaging process.
  • This integration makes it possible to fully automate the production and packaging process, saving time and manpower.

Save manpower and improve productivity

  • Using an automatic cartoning machine greatly saves manpower compared with manual packing.
  • Fast packing speed, can handle hundreds of cartons/hour, many times more than manual packing.
  • The machine can work continuously without being limited by working time like humans.
  • High packaging productivity helps to meet production needs even during peak times.

Application of Carton Packing Machine in Industries

Efficient solution to speed up packaging
Efficient solution to speed up packaging

Food and beverage industry

  • Carton Packing Machine is widely used for packaging food products, bottled beverages, cans, boxes…
  • Suitable for products that need to be packed firmly, well protected during transportation.
  • Meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety when using automatic cartoning machines.
  • The carton protects the product from the influence of the external environment.

Electronics and refrigeration industry

  • Carton packing machines for packaging electronic and refrigeration products such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.
  • Ensure safety and impact resistance during transportation for sensitive products.
  • Ability to pack a variety of carton sizes to suit each product.
  • Save labor costs, increase packaging productivity in electronic production lines.

Garment and footwear industry

  • The cartoning machine is used to pack garment and footwear products before shipping.
  • Protect the product from dirt and damage during movement.
  • Save packaging costs compared to using manual labor. Improve packaging productivity, meet the large production needs of garment factories.

Export industry

  • Carton machines play an important role in packing goods for export.
  • Ensure the safety of goods during long-distance transportation.
  • Able to print information on cartons for sorting and managing goods.
  • Improve packaging productivity, save labor costs for export businesses.

Other Industries

  • Carton machines are also applied in many other industries such as ceramics, paints, chemicals, etc.
  • Product packaging for protection during transportation and storage.
  • Save packaging costs, increase production productivity.
  • Ensure the safety of workers when using automatic packaging machines.

With many advantages in terms of efficiency, productivity, and the ability to meet diverse needs, carton packing machines have become important equipment, commonly used in many different industries.

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